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Carpet  Shearing  Sellers  5M w.w  3 Heads 

5 m Tuft Backcoating Bruckner EXEPTIONELL PLANT !!!!!!!! 

8 Tuftmachines Cobble Tuftco

New Year Offer Exceptionell offer and Prices

Antislip backcoating   CARPET  FELT  FABRIC  W.W 4M  YOC  2022 LOW PRICE 

Vandewiele Carpet looms w.w 4 & 5m Crm 72 Reed 320 8 colors veeeeery low price  , 

Shonherr Alpha 400 reed 400 8 colors VERRY GOOD PRICE

Neumag NPT 10 ton pro day   , Heatset Superba TVP 2 , Rieter Cabling             

 SML 180 ton pro month 3 color YOC 2012 

Neumag S plus 2017 450 ton month tri color and mono pp & polyester 6 extruders

*** Best market deal *** 

  ***** Low  Price  *****  

Saurer Cabling yoc 2018 144 spindles PP ,PET, NYLON 

Volkman Cabling Yoc 2010 104 spindles PP, PET, NYLON 

Power Heatset yoc 2007 48 Ends friezee straight set six tunnels PP , PET, NYLON

Gilbos winders 225 -300 ton

Heatset Superba Yoc 1992 -2016 36 ends  12 m MF4 Superba winder 

Heatset Superba Yoc 1995-2017 36-42 ends 12 m MF4 Suberba Winder

PVC Doormat & Roll plant Laminated tufted 

Zimmer Chromojet Digital Printing plant W.W 4M 

4 Vandewiele  Crm carpet weaving looms 2 reed  320  8colors , 2 reed 320 10 colors   


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  • Carpet Weaving Looms
  • Tufting Machines
  • Backcoatings Woven & Non Woven
  • Finishing Machinery
  • Fiber Extrusions
  • Heatset Machinery
  • Twisting & Cabling
  • Small Machinery & Tools


Jeta Machinery offers a wide range of new textile machinery and second hand textile machinery. Our ranges vary from small manipulation tools to high production systems: we are specialists in carpet machinery Total Engineering.

As to continuously offer new items we are always looking for companies who can offer to us their used textile machines they wish to sell. Jeta machinery mainly buys machines in Belgium, one of the largest carpet and rug producing countries in the world, form carpet producers wich offer their machines for sale when investing in new technologies. We also assist the customer on the technical side. This means that the customer can appeal to us for the dismantling, loading and shipment and setup of the machinery. This assistance makes our company unique in the business of second hand textile machinery.

We hope you will enjoy discovering our ranges...